2009-2010      Art Academy of Latvia painting department master degree
2006/2007     Erasmus placement program studies, Laboratorio di restauro Francesca Romana Melodia, Lecce, Italy
2005/2006     Erasmus exchange program studies in Italy, Art Academy of Lecce, Italy
2003-2009     Art Academy of Latvia, painting department
1995-2003     Janis Rozentals Art School of Riga, field of specialization-painting
1994-1995      Center region Applied Art Elementary School of Riga
1990-1994      7. Secondary School of Riga

Solo shows:
2011     “Nature codes”, gallery “Wheels and pictures”, Riga
2009    “Bosco pubblico”, bookshop – gallery “Ergot”, Lecce, Italy
2008    “Silent stories”, gallery of Agija Sūna, Riga
2008    “Grazie e arrivederci!”, gallery “Jēkabs”, Riga
2007    “1 land, 2 seas”, gallery “1. stāvs”, Riga
2007    “Negramaro”, gallery “Murnieks”, Riga
2001    “My summer”, JRRMV, Riga

Exhibitions & symposiums:
2011.   „4 from Latvia”, four latvian artists exhibition, Leipzig-Brussels
2011.    „Tylos ekspresija”, group exhibition, Lithuanian Artists’ Union Exhibition Hall, Vilnius
2011.    “Landscape”, gallery “Laipa”, Valmiera, Latvia
2011.    “Dreams anatomy”, 6.donne exhibition, gallery “Istaba”, Riga
2010.    “City in the night”, 6.donne exhibition, gallery “Carousell”, Riga
2010.    “Magic of the thoughts”, 6.donne exhibition, gallery “Promenāde”, Liepaja, Latvia
2010.     A.Naumovs and K.Zarins painting department Master degree students painting exhibition, gallery “Global art room”, Riga
2010.     “Sea”, galtery “Jēkabs”, Riga
2010.     International plein-air dedicated to lithuanian painter A.Samuolis, Lithuania, Kaunus
2010.    “City and the sea”, international plein-air, Latvia,  Liepaja
2010.    „8.March”, exhibition, gallery „Salons Māksla”, Riga
2009.    “Tabula rasa”, gallery “Jēkabs”, Riga
2009.    Exhibition “Painting of the year”, gallery of Agija Suna, Riga
2009.   „European cities in the paintings of latvian artists”,gallery of Agija Suna, Riga – Brussels
2008.    Exhibition “Painting of the year”, gallery of Agija Suna, Riga
2008.    Silvio Benedetto painting workshop „Laboratorio Artistico-Culturale delle Cinque Terre 2008” (Laboratorio di pittura di Silvio Benedetto), Riomaggiore, Italy
2008.    Exhibition “Paintings on the wood” , gallery “Bastejs”, Riga
2008.    Exhibition „SEB Unibankas stipendija”, LMA, Riga.
2007.    Exhibition „Una terra, due mari”, Tricasee, Italy
2007.    Exhibition “Erotik stories”, gallery “1. stāvs”, Riga
2007.    Young artist exhibition „ Nieze”, LMS gallery, Riga
2007.    Benevolence exhibition „For Anna. With love…”, gallery ”1.stāvs”,  Riga
2007     Exhibition “Visioni del Salento”, Art Accademy of Lecce, Italy
2007     Drawings exhibition “Accident with a finger”, Jurmala city museum, Jurmala
2006    “Black sugar”, with Margarita Veide, gallery “Murnieks”, Riga
2006     Exhibition “My lovely animal”, gallery “Art garden”, MC2, Riga
2006    “Documentary of dreams”,with Margarita Veide, gallery “Murnieks”,Riga
2006     Young artists exhibition “Look from upside”, gallery “Gallery LMS”, Riga
2006     Exhibition “Grant of Indulis Zarins”, gallery “Bastejs”, Riga
2005     Symposium “Valmiera 2005”, Valmiera, Latvia
2005     Faborg art festival, Denmark
2005     Group exhibition  “Renew”, Riga, Latvia
2002     Group exhibition “Kultūras mantojums fotogrāfijās 2002” (Cultural heritage in  photography), Riga, Latvia
2001     Solo exhibition “Mana vasara”(My summer), Riga, Latvia
1999     Group exhibition-ethnographic sketches “Sievas un meitas” (Women and daughters), Riga, Latvia


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