[EN] Kristine Kvitka. Nature Codes.

May say that painter Kristine Kvitka (1983) all of her life has devoted to fine art. Already in early childhood one of her free time spending types was drawing, that’s why her parents took the little girl to drawing coterie at the Pioneers Castle (Now Students Castle). Two years painter have learnt in the Center region Applied Art Elementary School of Riga (1994 – 1995) then changed the training institution, continuing her education in the Jana Rozentala Rigas Art High school (1995 – 2003) and graduating it with Diploma work „Melancholia” (headed by Aija Jurjane). Corollary on previously achieved education in High school, the logical continue was occurrence in the Latvian Art academy, Painting sub.
Nature and urban, with their elements always come accross attention of the painter Kristine Kvitka. Almost with the observers eyes, she displays the places, that have left indelible impressions, and leaving man outside the canvas. Within Bachelor study in the Latvian Art academy (2003 – 2007) artist in her creative work „revealed” still life genre, addressing it in free, painty dab, almost as if she inherited her expression from the Vincent Van Gogh. Essential turn in her creative work was four month studies in Lecce Art academy, Italy (2006/2007), after what Kristine Kvitka defensed Bachelor work „Negramaro” (headed by Uno Danilevskis). That was devoted to Puglia regional landscapes, in paintings emphasis lights and shadows formal qualities, maintaining the Mediterranean regional presence feeling.

Landscapes was „forgotten” and the next cycle was created, what was devoted to italian kitchen still life – hunted pheasants, dishes and walls like self precious images, what is telling self experience and was seen within exhibition „Silent stories” (2008). The Artists „object” of experiment was painting textures, what was applied in thick layer and then scratched off, achieving unique, spatial resolution. This cycle of works from the bright color contrasts she slowly moved away, only in maintaining the color red as accent. Hunted birds and dishes was left “hanging” on the walls, while the artist remained faithful to the sovereign wall of the treatment, as a main theme also incarnating in his master work “Murali” (headed by Alexei Naumov) (2010).

The exhibition “Nature codes”, the present landscape is a particular depiction of space, but internally experienced and the synthesis of that what’s seen, which was transformed on the canvas. It displays the mountains, which can be located anywhere, but the tree is a reference code for the past winter. Tree branches fine line artist to represent in the network with a branch over a fine line patterns, as if containing undetectable information. The texture of painting is composed of several layers of paint like archeology, as each succeeding layer tells a different experience. Kristine Kvitka common tone in her work is achieving increasingly nuanced, making each shade to go into transition, leaving the range of a sense of reflection lit scenery. This solo is yet another proof of the artist’s ongoing search for self-expression, with each exhibition, offering the viewer a new cycle of the story, without the repetitions and not making bored her art lovers with the current “design on the canvas”.

Art historian Zanda Jankovska:
„I have always believed that there is no greater and in meantime simpler, available inspiration source than nature – there you can find anything … you just need to know how to look for it. My landscape is like an old travel memories, such as returning random and always seem to be so beautiful. There each hill is like a symbol, the water is clear, the stars shine bright and colorful even in daytime. The land is covered with glossy snow, but trees want different season and decorate themselves with sanguine, transparent sheets. Looking at nature, I discovered for myself more and more new patterns, and these worlds’ rules I’m reading like an open book. All the things subordinate each to the other and following a certain rhythm, proportions formed a harmonious and balanced. When I’m painting nature, I’m not copying it, but I choose valuable and attractive, landscape construction layer by layer. Natural elements, mixed with oil paints, make a brand new, unseen material. Knowledge of the merger imagination, from before unsensed atmosphere. Put into the case of my will, I’m creating a new world. And no one can object, as it appears in my paintings.”

Kristine Kvitka


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